Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Fleecing of the American Wallet!

The administration says that a deflating dollar is good for our exports, therefore improving our economy. This is the part they leave out!

Ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve bank in 1913, The American dollar has lost 96 percent of its value. That means if you had a dollar in 1913, it would be worth about 4 cents today! Hard to believe? its true. In fact, 50 percent of the loss has happened since 9-11. Why is the dollar losing so much of its value? One word , DEBT! Because of our almost 8 trillion federal deficet. As the federal debt goes up, more money has to be borrowed from other countries. Therefore as a coincedence the value of the money in your wallet shrinks. This is the greatest modern day scam ever put on the American people! As an example, a gallon of gas that cost 55 cents a gallon in the 60's , is now costing us about 2 dollars a gallon today. Why is that? Is it that oil is more expensive to produce today, than in the 60's? No, its because the dollar's buying power has been dramatically reduced since the 60's.

The big endgame of all this devaluation of our money system is the destruction of the middle class. The U.S. government Elite do not like the middle class. To them, the middle class is is like a flee on a dog. They can cause problems for the elite because they vote and express there opinions quite openly, causing change in the government from time to time. The Elites know that as a rule, poor people dont vote. They dont cause trouble by expressing there opinions, and they are basically open to being led, like a bunch of sheep. So as inflation gets worse because of the devaluating dollar, the middle class slowly loses their wealth to the elites of this country. This process has been sped up since the "war on terror". Like i said before, the dollar has gone down 50 percent since 2001, and experts say, it will go down another 20 percent this year alone! I dont know about you, but this is very disturbing to me!

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Beginning!

To realize what the U.S. Governing elite is doing in the world right now, we must go back for a minute , and take a look at the one event that started this "war on terror" as the media calls it, Because understanding the real reasons behind The terrorist attack of 9-11, and how the U.S Government benefited from it, gives you a good foundation on the things to come.

There were a variety of reasons why are ruling elite needed the 9-11 attack. Think about it! Because of one terrorist attack on our soil, we now control over 11 percent of the world's oil reserves, and also the single largest opium crop in the world! In the ruling elites mind's , 3500 american death's were a small price to pay for what we gained. The main reason for these attacks, and the continuing "war on terror" Is that it opened up the doorway for the U.S. invasion and occupation of the middle east. In other words, the U.S. Government wants control of all the Middle East's oil Reserves.

The Government doesnt want you to know that we are on the edge of a super economic meltdown in this country, and with the help of the media, joe and jane sixpack have no idea what's coming! The U.S. government is almost 8 trillion dollars in debt! We borrow almost 2.6 billion dollars a day from the rest of the world just so we can keep up our lifestyle. Worse than that, consumer debt is at over 34 trillion dollars! The world is not going to fund our spending appetites forever. Of course our Government knows this, so thats why we are going to spread "freedom" throughout the Middle East. They figure if they can take control of all the Middle East's oil reserves"which, by the way is about 65 percent of known oil on the planet", they can basically blackmail all the nations that we owe money to. That's the real reason behind 9-11 and the "war on terror"!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


What is this blog all about you may ask? Just what the title emplies. Can you handle the truth? The real reason we went to war in Afganistan and Iraq! The coming invasion of Saudi Arabia! The phony war on terrorism! The fiat money system! The global manipulation of gold and silver! The coming financial collapse of America, and much more! I will debunk what the controled "media" doesnt want you to know! So let me ask you "Can you handle the truth?"